Hi, Im Sandy Koranda, welcome to Dakota Windstar! I have raised dogs for twenty five years, they are my passion,. I strive to raise puppies who exemplify the AKC breed standard. My husband, Tom and I live in South Dakota, a wonderful place to live and raise a family. Our kids are all grown now, but we see them frequently, especially for camping and fishing. Our children have all been raised with animals of every kind, at times we have looked a bit like "Old McDonalds Farm" Since the kids have gone, my new helpers are my grandchildren. Their job is to socialize my puppies, what a great job!

Our Bernese Mountain Dogs

Our Berners have superb temperaments and beautiful type. They are friendly, very outgoing, always interested in their surroundings. Where "we" are, is where "they" want to be! They love children and adults alike. These dogs are not for everyone. They demand attention, and have no idea they are not lap dogs!! They require only to be part of the family, and will not do well if left in a kennel for long periods of time. Bernese do not tolerate heat well. It is very important not to let them overheat in the summer. They love cool and cold weather, especially snow. All of our dogs are heart and eye certified yearly. Their hips and elbows are also OFA certified or prelimed if not yet two years of age. These dogs are wonderful animals, however, should you decide on a Bernese puppy to become a member of your family, be "prepared" for a large dog and all it entails.

Our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Our Cavaliers have some of the best bloodlines available. We are proud to say we have acquired lines such as Harana, Amauri, Glencross, Ronnic, Sorata, Brasingamen, Millhill, Rheinvelt, Stonepit, Salador, and recently Portcon from Australia. Our dogs have gorgeous heads, beautiful structure, and very loving temperaments. They are the epitome of a perfect companion. They make wonderful pets for anyone who loves dogs! All of our dogs are heart and eye certified yearly. Also their patellas are checked to insure they are normal. We have all four colors, and produce beautiful puppies who are very sweet and outgoing. .

Our dogs home

I refer to their "home" versus their kennel, due to the fact, they are rarely locked in.. Our kennel has indoor outdoor runs, central air and heat, and shade in the summer. We have two acres, of play yards, all with green grass and plastic swimming pools in the summer. They go out in the various play yards all day, and only come into the kennel at night, when it is time to go to bed. The puppies have separate play yards. I feel it is very important for my puppies to be outside on a daily basis. New sights, sounds, tastes and smells are very integral parts

of their overall development. And of course my grandkids are here to insure extra attention to each individual puppy. Our Bernese have the run of our twelve acres and are here to greet anyone who comes to our home. We hope you enjoy your visit with us, thanks for stopping by. Sandy


Dakota Windstar

Sandy Koranda

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